Insignia V-GUARD Mixer Grinder 750Watts

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An insignia of high class performance

Here’s a fix to all your grinding problems! Experience a superior grind every time with the new range of mixer grinders from V-Guard – Insignia. Its efficient, high-torque, high-speed 750 Watt copper motor guarantees a power-packed performance every time. Thanks to its efficient design, cleaning these module type jars is no more a nightmare. These long-lasting jars, with oil-filled sintered bronze bush, are equipped with special Stainless Steel Grade 304 blades that aid in a premium grinding performance. The revolutionary spiral duct cooling system assists in keeping your mixer grinder’s cool intact. If you thought this was too much, wait. Gear up for an amazing “hands free” grinding experience with the cutting-edge easy lid lock system that assure your grinding sessions aren’t a messy affair anymore! And what’s more, they come in two stunning colour combinations: ‘Black – orange’ and ‘White – Orange’. Make yours an ideal kitchen with V-Guard’s Insignia on it.


  • Energy Efficient 750 Watt Copper Motor
  • Hands Free Grinding with Easy Lid Lock
  • Module type jars for fast & easy cleaning and power packed performance
  • Get superior grinding performance with specially designed Stainless steel 304 blades
  • Spiral duct cooling system that keeps your Mixer grinder cool & thereby ensures longer life
  • Special Grade Stainless steel Jars with Flow Breakers
  • Efficient, high torque, high speed 750 Watt copper motor
  • Long lasting jars with oil filled sintered bronze bush
  • Chutney jar with easy lid lock for hands free operation
  • Available in two color combinations (Black- Orange, White -Orange)


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